Spring Cleaning in Just One Day

If you love the way your home looks and smells after heavy-duty spring cleaning, but dread doing the work, here are some tips to get the job done quickly:

  • Make dinner reservations. This gives you something to work toward – and you’ll appreciate a relaxing meal after working all day.

  • Decide if your family is an asset or a liability. Of course you love your spouse and kids, but sometimes they can get in the way of productivity. If they’re likely to slow you down, send them to the park for the day. Otherwise, put ‘em to work!
  • Create a power playlist. Upbeat music sets the pace and infuses a bit of fun.
  • Make a list prioritizing your rooms and determine how much time you’ll spend on each of them.
  • Put your cleaning supplies and a timer in a bucket or tote. Include garbage bags, lint rollers, vinyl gloves and other needed items.
  • Take a pass through the house to collect towels and toss them in the washing machine. At the same time, grab sheets and have them waiting in the laundry room for the next load.
  • Spray showers and tubs; squirt cleaner into all of the toilets. This will allow the products to begin working while you focus on other areas.
  • Collect interior rugs and exterior door mats so you can shake them outside. Set aside until you’re done for the day.
  • Clean bedrooms and office areas. Working from ceiling fan (or light fixture) to the floor, dust and wipe down all surfaces. Then vacuum furniture and floors.
  • Head back to the bathrooms, where you’ll wipe down all of the surfaces, scrub the toilet(s) and mop the floor(s). Don’t forget door, cabinet and toilet handles.
  • Grab some protein and chug some water or sports drink. Review your priority list and adjust your plan as needed.
  • Move towels to the dryer and put a load of sheets in the washing machine. Wipe down the laundry room and mop the floor.
  • Hit the main living areas next. Start at the top (ceiling fans, tops of bookshelves, door frames, etc.), before moving to the furniture. Dust and wipe down hard surfaces; vacuum couches and under cushions. Vacuum the carpet or Swiffer® the floors.
  • Conquer the kitchen. As always, start at the top and work your way to the floor. Clean those areas that are easy to ignore – top of the refrigerator, the fridge coils, light fixtures, tops of cabinets, etc. Mop the floor thoroughly.
  • Take warm and fluffy towels out of the dryer and return them to the bathrooms. Move sheets to the dryer and circle back around for them later.
  • Reward yourself by making the finishing touches. Put rugs back where they belong, set out spring decorations, light scented candles and put out fresh kitchen linens.
  • Grab a shower and head to dinner. Your reservation will be waiting for you.

- Apr 07, 2018